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ABOUT Limasan Villa Langkawi


Experience a different side of Langkawi - one that embraces you in modern luxury, yet accords your mind, body, and soul with the tranquillity that you so deserve. Welcome to Limasan Villa Langkawi, where artful Javanese design meets modern luxury amidst Langkawi’s open rice paddy fields.

At Limasan Villa Langkawi, expect a contented stay in Langkawi like no other. Discover our 10 premium villas with private pools and verandas, each offering its own unique ambiance and decor. Feast your eyes on intricate Javanese craftsmanship that is evident through both the architectural structures and curated furnishings. Encounter the vacation of your dreams.

With Limasan Villa Langkawi as your home base, the possibilities are endless. Start your day strong with a refreshing walk along a panoramic stretch of open rice field. Or take our bicycles out for a family-friendly ride with your loved ones and explore the breathtaking scenery that is the perfect backdrop of this entire experience at Limasan Villa.

Appreciate Langkawi’s finest countryside landscape at Limasan Villa Langkawi. Come get to know us, and discover the allure of Langkawi that will make you come back for more.


Ever wonder why ‘Limasan’?

The designs of traditional Javanese houses are distinguished by 3 typical styles of roofs, and the Limasan roof is one of them. In traditional Javanese architecture, Limasan roofs are used by Javanese families of higher statuses, in comparison to the simpler Kampung roof which is more commonplace, and the Joglo roof which is associated with more prestigious residences and is the most complex.

Limasan houses feature a basic ground plan of the Kampung style’s four house posts that are extended by adding a pair of posts at either gable’s end. A veranda then extends the living space further, creating a spacious entry and living area.

The Javanese are also known for their elaborate and intricate architectural carvings on roof beams, timber pillars as well as entrance doors. And at Limasan Villa Langkawi, we pride ourselves on preserving the essence of artful Javanese architecture whilst offering our guests exceptional modern luxury in Langkawi’s scenic countryside.



Other Informations

Limasan Villa Langkawi is a 10-minute car ride from Langkawi International Airport. Guests can easily explore the island using public taxis or by renting private cars.

Website URL : https://www.limasanvillalangkawi.com
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